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Admission Process
Panyaden International School (PYD) welcomes students from around the world who meet our admissions requirements. We are committed to ensuring cultural diversity and to welcoming all children, regardless of ethnicity or religion. Our admissions process is designed so that you, as parents of prospective students, can determine if we are the right school to help your child reach his or her full potential.

STEP 1. Online Application & Supporting Documents
For All Students:
  • Complete the online application form available at
  • Assessment Fee of 2,000 baht (Early Years-Year 1) and 3,000 baht (Year 2-7) non-refundable payment. (Submitting an application does not guarantee placement.)
  • Submit school report cards from the last 1 academic years (must be in English or an official English translation)
Non-Thai students:
  • Copy of student’s passport
  • Copies of parents’ passports with non-immigrant visa status (if applicable)
  • Copy of student's notarised birth certificate

Thai students:

  • Copy of student’s birth certificate
  • Copies of both parents’ and student’s Thai Household Registration
  • Copies of both parents’ and student’s Thai Passports or Identification Cards

Learning Support students:

  • Individual Educational Plan (IEPs)
  • Psychological and/or educational evaluations
  • Medical certificates

STEP 2. Screening & Admissions Testing

Once payment of the application fee has been made and all of the required documents have been submitted, an Admissions Officer will contact you to schedule an admissions assessment for your child.

Nursery - Year 1  All applicants will have a developmental observation session with the Primary Principal and Early Years Coordinator. A parent interview will also be held with the Admissions Manager or principal. One or both parents must be present for this session.

Year 2 – 6:  Students will take the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) test in Reading and Mathematics.

Year 7-9 : Students will take the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) test in Reading and Mathematics.

Intensive Language Development (ESL or TSL) Students: Students who have not been attending a school where English and Thai are the language of instruction (minimum of 3 years), will take the WIDA-SCREENER Placement Test, which is administered by a faculty member and covers listening, reading, speaking, and writing.

STEP 3. Registration Procedure, School Fees payment and Purchase uniform

If your child is accepted, you will receive an acceptance letter by email, invoice, and other documents necessary for enrolment. Your child should not withdraw from his or her current school until enrolment at PYD is confirmed. Please finish the payment within designated date on the Invoice. Uniforms can be purchased or picked up at the school office.

When seats are limited, students may be placed on a waiting list. Please note: A place on the waiting list does not guarantee placement at PYD. To enrol at PYD, your child must complete the registration process and the school fees must be paid by the due date on the invoice.

STEP 4. (Optional) Visas
Visa Support Letter for a student visa permitting your child to study in the Kingdom of Thailand (if required). Please contact the admissions office for further information. If you are planning to apply the Non-Immigrant visas in Laos, please contact the admissions office at least 45 days in advance due to additional required document from the Thai Embassy located in Laos is issued by the government office. (This process takes 25-30 days to complete)

We look forward to seeing your family at Panyaden International School. 

Additional Details:

Schedule a Campus Tour:
Come and join us for a campus tour! Our Admissions Officers will share further details about our PYD community while answering your questions and showcasing our safe and secure learning environment. To schedule a tour, visit 

Admissions Office:

(Administration Office)                                                 +66 (0) 53 441 460 ext 1 or +66 (0) 80 078 5115    

Contact Finance Office:
(Administrative Office)                                                  +66 (0) 53 441 460 ext 2