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Thank you very much for your interest in Panyaden School. Please complete the following application in English. If you have any questions, please contact our Admissions Office by phone at +66 80 078 5115 or by email at

We want to thank you for considering us here at Panyaden International School. 

Please download and read the Terms & Conditions. Please also download and study the Parents Handbook carefully. For new parents for the academic year 2019, we will update the file before the school starts.

Applicants will be asked to upload these documents in conjunction with the application form. 

The Admissions will review each application. The applicant may be invited for a pre-entrance assessment at the request of the school. While we understand that it is not always possible for overseas families to arrange an admissions interview at the school, it is always preferable to do so. 
The Admissions decisions are communicated to families by email when a space becomes available. Review of the applications takes time. Students are admitted as spaces become available. Please note that candidates are only considered if the application is fully completed; incomplete applications are not registered to the waiting list, or reviewed by the Admissions Committee. 
There is no deadline for the submission of applications but we recommend that you send in your application as early in advance as possible.
 Upon Admissions Committee’s decision child can be conditionally enroled at PYD. Conditions, if applicable, will be stated in the email letter of conditional enrolment.

Our future goal is to provide a program for students with learning needs and enrichment. Parents/guardians of an applicant having a learning need (either physical or academic) must submit complete reports from his/her teacher and therapist. In the case where a learning need has not previously been identified, Panyaden International School reserves the right to review the situation in order to assess the appropriateness of the student’s presence at PYD based on our capacity to address his/her needs. If it is determined that the student has special educational, emotional or social needs that the school is not able to provide services for, as determined by the school, parents may be asked to withdraw their child from the Panyaden International School. 
Panyaden International School reserves the right to decline an applicant in cases where acceptance to the school would imply significant organizational difficulties or sufficient support cannot be provided.

 Students wishing to apply to the Panyaden International School (PYD) must provide personal data. PYD requests and processes only those data that are relevant for the admissions process and appropriate placement of the student. 
Parents must declare all medical, behavioural, psychological and emotional problems which might affect the student’s health and/or ability to learn.
We care about student privacy. For full details about our privacy policy, please visit and

By completing, signing and submitting this application form electronically to the school, you agree that you are registering an intention to enrol the child named in this form. No place will be available for the applicant until he or she has been offered a place, the parents have accepted the offer, and the tuition and fees are paid.

Please ensure that all information is accurate prior to signing this application. Failure to declare information on this application form may result in the withdrawal of the offer of a place at Panyaden International School.

By signing this document I agree to confirm to the school’s procedures and comply with its rules, as outlined the school handbook and Terms and Agreements. I authorise the school to contact previous schools and request transcripts to verify the facts if necessary.

Date: Sep 23, 2019

Student Information

Most Thais have a nickname and it is common to call each other by nickname.

Your child must be at least 2 years old for us to process your application.

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